East Greenland

Ice fiords, hiking, heliskiing, small settlements, northern lights, and boat rides combine to make East Greenland a year round destination.

  • Highlights of East Greenland

    4 Nights

    From $1.990 per person

    This tour will introduce you to the Greenland Highlights; Ice and Icefjords, impressive glaciers, an insight in the Inuit way of life in an East Greenlandic town and village and maybe even the sound and sight of a whale. You'll see icebergs in a variety of styles - from white streaked with charcoal-black soot, to translucent formations resembling glass and gorgeous chunks of powder blue.

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  • Ammassalik East Greenland Tour

    2 nights or more, from April through September

    from $1,472

    Visit Ammassalik, the largest village in East Greenland, just south of the Arctic Circle. Enjoy taking long and short walks in the beautiful surrounding valley. Ammassalik is the largest town in East Greenland with about 1,400 residents. It lies just south of the Arctic Circle, boasting long hours of daylight in summer and the splendor of the Northern Lights in winter. The town is beautifully situated in a protective fjord with high mountains on all sides. It is split in two by a river, which flows through the valley of flowers behind the town. This valley has a unique variety of Arctic flora, and is an ideal place for walks of all lengths. Ammassalik is only a 10-minute helicopter ride from Kulusuk, but this short flight is one of the most scenic expeditions imaginable as you cross the ice-filled sea separating these two mountainous islands. Minimum stay for this package are 2 nights, however you can extend your stay as you like.

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We recently returned from a 10 night Ring Road tour of Iceland and we had a fantastic vacation.
All of the arrangements that Nordika Travel set up for us worked out beautifully. We enjoyed all of the a…

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Why Iceland?

Accessible via a short, five-hour flight from the east coast of the United States, Iceland is a lot closer than you might imagine


Despite its rather misleading name, only 11% of Iceland is covered by ice. That said, it is home to Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull, as well as 268 others.


Volcanic eruptions in Iceland happen, on average, every five years. Although international media coverage surrounding the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption might lead one to believe otherwise, volcanic eruptions in Iceland tend to not have much impact on daily life.