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Greenland is an exciting Arctic adventure destination where you can experience dog sledding, whales, icebergs, northern lights, the ice cap, and lots more.
The first people to set foot in Greenland arrived around 4-5000 years ago from the North American continent. No less than six different Inuit cultures have immigrated in several waves. Greenland's population today is descended from the last immigration, the Thule culture, which arrived there around the 9th century AD.

  • Ilulissat - Images of Ice

    3 to 5 days, summer 2017

    from $2,264

    Explore this modern Greenlandic town north of the Polar Circle and experience the unique Disko Bay: Calving glaciers and gigantic icebergs: Majestic Icebergs are situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord right outside the town and can be experienced at close range on our Midnight Cruises or during full day excursions where we cruise close to the impressive glacier of Eqi. Isolated Settlements: On other excursions we sail to small and remote settlements, where "the old world" and the Greenlandic hunters still live much according to ancient traditions.

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  • Greenland from South to North by Air

    6, 8 or 10 days, Summer 2017

    from $5,098

    This grand tour of Greenland starts in beautiful South Greenland; an area rich in Viking remains and history. Enjoy the views of the colorful wooden houses surrounded by deep blue fjords where calving glaciers produce icebergs in all shapes and colors. Then continue to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland with its modern yet still traditional life style. The tour ends in Ilulissat - the town of the icebergs with the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site; Ilulissat Ice Fjord.

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  • Greenland from the Sea

    6 or 9 days, Summer 2017

    from $4,813

    Sailing along the West Coast of Greenland gives you the perfect opportunity to meet the locals whilst experiencing the breathtaking Arctic summer. Accommodation is in modern outside cabins with private facilities. Along the way from the rugged, iceberg filled Disko Bay to fertile South Greenland you will have plenty of time to enjoy Greenland's unique nature. This tour is combined with 4 stars hotel accommodation in Ilulissat in the North West and Qaqortoq in the South.

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Jeff from California - Jul 30, 2015

Great trip - thanks Bjork.

If I go again (and we might lead a group next summer) I would spend zero time in the "circle" as the crowds kill you.  The west fjords, the east fjords and southern Iceland was the best.

Enjoy the imag…

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Why Iceland?

Accessible via a short, five-hour flight from the east coast of the United States, Iceland is a lot closer than you might imagine


Despite its rather misleading name, only 11% of Iceland is covered by ice. That said, it is home to Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull, as well as 268 others.


Volcanic eruptions in Iceland happen, on average, every five years. Although international media coverage surrounding the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption might lead one to believe otherwise, volcanic eruptions in Iceland tend to not have much impact on daily life.