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Laura - Jul 31, 2015

Dear Laufey, All of the hotels were very comfortable. Of course, our favorite was the cottages in Reynisfjara

Following is feedback on our trip.  Photos will have to wait.  My husband took A LOT and it takes him a long time to process them.
First of all, we are very glad we made the entire circuit of the island.  Iceland is an astonishingly beautiful country and there is so much to see.  We were constantly pulling off to the side of the road to look at something, so, even though, the drive from point A to B was only a couple hours it took us two or three times that long to cover that ground.
All of the hotels were very comfortable.  Of course, our favorite was the cottages in Reynisfjara.  Ragnar was very welcoming, the cottage was lovely and the views jaw dropping. 

We had one problem at Hotel Hallormsstadur.  They put us in a cottage that would have required us to drag our luggage across a rocky path and then up very steep steps.  We asked to be relocated to the hotel.  They were able to accommodate us in a room in the older part of the hotel, so it worked out.  One of my favorite stays was at the IcelandicAir Hotel in Akureyri because it was across the street from the swimming pool!  What fun!  I went there several times.
The car was comfortable and spacious.  (We were able to accommodate hitchhikers a couple times and enjoyed hearing their stories.)  We decided ahead of the trip to take out the extra insurance for windshield, ash and sand and theft.  This is commonly included in rentals in the U.S., but we were glad we did, because we had a cracked windshield by the end of the trip.  A loose stone hit it.  We did not pay anything extra.
Everyone asks us about our trip.  There is a lot of interest in Iceland now and we tell people that it is a beautiful island inhabited by very friendly people.  Keep it that way!!

Sincerely,   Laura

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